COILTEK 10 x 5" Elliptical Mono – Joey Coil

COILTEK 10 x 5" Elliptical Mono – Joey Coil

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10 x 5" Elliptical – Joey Coil

For Use with: SD / GP / GPX SERIES

Weight: 479g / 16.8oz

The small 10 x 5” (250 x 125mm) coils are most commonly used for mullock heap hunting, areas of heavy over growth hunting and just searching for the finer gold on the patch. With excellent sensitivity and good depth capabilities it is an excellent choice for any detector operator. Their size gives a relatively small view of the ground but it is because of this that they are most suited to the smaller targets.

Smaller coil = increased sensitivity to smaller targets.

MONO Operation hints & tips:

The small mono has a benefit over most mono coils due to its size. This comes in the way of heightened sensitivity and less susceptibility to mineralization. Again, the small field being produced reduces the ground noise to some degree however the coil is still a mono coil and this can cause some mineralized conditions to create ground balance issues. Having said that, the target response of this coil is sharp and clear so most likely the targets will be easily heard if within the range of the coils magnetic field.

Being a mono it has the windings around the perimeter of the coil so pinpointing can be done by either using the tip of the coil or tilting the coil to vertical and using the outer edge. You will notice that the outer edge is sensitive all around the coil. When swinging this coil you will need to overlap your swings by approximately half the coil length to be thorough and having a slow swing speed will ensure you hear the very tiny targets.


  • Very light weight for all day use
  • Ultra-sensitive to small, closer to the surface targets
  • Good depth capabilities for a small coil
  • Very maneuverable in tight areas
  • Robust design
  • Easily carried in a backpack for use as a pinpoint coil
  • 2 Year Warranty


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