COILTEK 14x9 DD All Terrain Coil - CTX 3030

COILTEK 14x9 DD All Terrain Coil - CTX 3030

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14" X 9" CTX All Terrain DD Coil

For use with the Minelab CTX 3030


“The 14x9” CTX coil is a useful size, sensitive to small targets and like any large Coiltek coil it detects a wide variety of targets with impressive depths. If you are looking for another great search coil option for your CTX 3030, I highly recommend the new Coiltek 14x9” CTX for beach and water hunting. Stay salty my friends!” - Gary Drayton, USA

This new open web elliptical coil is an exciting addition for the CTX3030 detector. Utilising Minelab CTX technology this coil is fully approved and tested to the highest standard. Fully submersible to 3 meters this coil makes pinpointing easy, conveying an accurate location for fast retrieval. It offers the perfect footprint when it comes to size without compromising depth. This coil is robust, strong and reliable and its ability to source the treasure amongst the trash is outstanding.

Size: 370mm x 240mm / 14" x 9"

Weight: 985g / 34.7oz

Configuration: Double-D (DD) coil


  • Fully submersible coil to 10 feet
  • Light weight for all day use
  • Excellent Pinpointing
  • Great depth capabilities
  • Good target separation in areas of high trash
  • Robust Design
  • Includes Skid plate and Nut & Bolt


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