RNB POWER PLUS - At Pro/Gold/Max

RNB POWER PLUS - At Pro/Gold/Max

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Part Number:RNB-AT
  • Compatible with:Garrett AT Pro/Gold/MAX


For use with the Garrett AT Pro/Gold/MAX

High Capacity Lithium-ion Provides Longer Run Time

RNB-Power Plus Installation Instructions:

  • Insert the charging plug into the Power Plus battery. (Note, plug will only go in one way)
  • Plug Supplied Smart Charger into your wall outlet.
  • Charging LED will illuminate RED indication the Smart Charger is charging the Power Plus battery.
  • The Battery is fully charged when the Smart Charger LED turns to GREEN
    Your battery is now ready to use.
  • Insert the Power Plus battery as shown into your Garrett Detector with the label up.
  • Close the AT-Pro or AT-Gold battery door and you are ready to hunt.

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