Tesoro Vaquero Black - 11x8 Widescan Searchcoil

Tesoro Vaquero Black - 11x8 Widescan Searchcoil

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 Versatile & Tough
with a 11x8 Widescan Searchcoil

The versatile Vaquero is an all-around detector designed to do just about anything a detectorist could want. Named after the Spanish word for "cowboy," the Vaquero lives up to the hard-working, take-on-the-tough-jobs reputation that made cowboys in the Old West famous.What enhances the Vaquero's versatility is its 3-3/4- turn manual-adjust ground balance, which gives the detectorist the capability to set up the machine to suit mineralization conditions and personal treasure-hunting style. They also added an ED180 discrimination feature for filtering trash from treasure, a push-button pinpoint for easier digging, and a VCO-style all-metal operating mode - features that give the Vaquero its "do anything" power.


  • MicroMAX Design
  • VLF 14 kHz Frequency
  • One Drop-in 9V Battery
  • Variable Threshold
  • 3 3/4 Turn External Ground Balance
  • Ultra-lightweight Design
  • 11x8 Widescan Searchcoil
  • 3-Piece Knockdown Pole
  • Lifetime Warranty


The Vaquero is an Excellent choice for Coin, Jewelry, Relic and Cache hunting, when in competition and when wading shallow fresh water. It also performs well in Beach/Surf and when Prospecting.

Tesoro Part Number MD-VAQU-KK/S-11x8W-SC-D

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