T-REX Stainless Steel 9.5" with 3/8" Holes

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T-REX  Sand Scoops

 Stainless Steel 9.5" with 3/8" Holes Sand Scoop

The top of the T-Rex scoop is about 5" deep to prevent targets from being knocked out of the scoop while hunting in the surf.  Located on the top of the scoop there is a tube to attach your handle.  The handle tube is angled at about 20 degrees so that digging is easier than with a straight up and down handle.  This also makes the scoop more balanced and with a lighter feel when hunting out of water. The 3/8" holes are punched close together as to allow for quick sand release and to catch those smaller targets that can be missed by larger 1/2" or 5/8" holes.  There is no push plate on the rear of this scoop.  The lack of a push plate provides better control and balance when pushing down into the sand.  The gauge of the stainless steel is .075" thick for the stress put on the scoop when digging in wet sand.  Best of all it is made here in the U.S.A. (The T-REX requires a wooden handle that can be purchased at your local Home Depot/Lowes so there is no down time if you should break your handle.) Shaft size is 1 3/8" ID



T-Rex Wet 9.5" Scoop:

Dimensions: 11" Long X  9.5" Wide  X 4 7/8" Deep
Holes - 3/8" Square
Approx. Weight - 3 Lbs 15 oz
Shaft Tube:  1 3/8" ID

Handle Info: You can purchase an Ames 46" White Ash
Replacement Shovel Handle at any Home Depot.
Easy installation Instructions will be included with your T-Rex scoop.

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