Garrett ATX Pulse Metal Detector - Basic Pack

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Coil Options
ATX with 10" x 12" DD open coil
ATX with 11" x 13" DD closed coil
ATX with 11" x 13" Mono closed coil


ALL Terrain PI Metal Detector

"No Extreme Pricing. Just Extreme Performance"

- Extreme Sensitivity

- Locates Tiny Gold Nuggets that other PI Detectors Miss

- Advanced New DD Searchcoil

- Provides Enhanced Detection of Small Items & Easy Pinpointing

- All Terrain Use

- Waterproof to 10 feet


  •  Maximum Detection on all Targets at the same time. No need to switch modes to enhance detection of one target while degrading another.
  • Advanced Ground Balance: has a wide range to ground balance from heavily mineralized ground (ironstone) to saltwater without switching to special modes.
  • Exclusive Design DD Searchcoil: enhances detection of small items without having to slow down the scanning speed of the coil.
  • Motion and Non-Motion Modes: provides optimum performance based on your hunting preference and conditions.
  • Fully Collapsible: the ATX can be operated with its stem fully extended, fully collapsed, or anywhere in between

Quick Iron Check feature and adjustable Discrimination

  • Ground Track with 4 Settings: Chose settings that best handles rapidly changing ground mineralization.
  • LED Indicators: show signal strength and current settings.
  • External Speaker: built in for option to search without headphones.
  • Frequency Scan: Auto function for eliminating RFI interference.
  • Audio Retune: quickly cancel out unwanted ambient signals.
  • Volume Control: adjust to limit the response of large signals in order to better hear deep/faint signals.


3 Coil Options Available:

PN:1140860 - ATX Basic with 10" x 12" DD open coil
PN:1140870 - ATX Basic with 11" x 13" DD closed coil
PN:1140880 - ATX Basic with 11" x 13" Mono closed coil

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