Minelab Military Discount

Minelab Military Discount Program

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Minelab and Colonial Metal Detectors, together, offer a 15% military discount to Military Veterans and Active Duty soldiers.  This discount applies to most Minelab Metal Detectors and does apply to Minelab Accessories.

  • The discount is only applicable for the individual listed on accepted document (acceptable documents are listed below).  Receipt and registration must be in the name of the individual.
  • Only 1 detector may be discounted per individual.
  • The discount is applicable for 1 detector per year (this is under review and may change)

Acceptable Documents include:

- DD-214
- Driver’s License – Some states have begun to note “Veteran” on License
- Certificate highlighting branch of service
- Any other form of ID must be approved by Minelab first.

* A Military ID is not an acceptable document.  It is illegal to make a copy of a military ID.

** Bonus/Free items offered by Colonial Metal Detectors are not included when receiving a Military discount.  Factory added bonus items are included with a military discount. Free T-Shirts, if offered, are always included with or without a military discount.

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