NEL 14.5" x 10.5" DD Thunder Coil - AT Pro

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  • Compatible with:Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

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NEL 14.5" x 10.5" DD Thunder Coil - AT Pro

For Use with the Garrett AT Pro
(Not for use with the Garrett AT Gold or AT MAX) 

The Thunder Coil is the latest development that combines high levels of detection depth and selectivity. Working with a slow swing will maximize its ability in finding not only large and medium targets but small targets which weigh less than 1g at 7.9" (20 cm) deep as well. The Thunder coil is suited for finding coins, treasures and artifacts in the field of military battles in any territory. 


  • Strong Construction
  • Ultra-light weight - 18.7 oz
  • Waterproof
  • Coil Cover Included
  • 2 Year Warranty - 3 Year after registration


5 Stars
Well Balanced Coil
I've grown to love NEL coils. The Thunder is likely the best coil to have for the AT Pro in non-trashy areas. I search a lot of wooded areas and the size of the coil allows me to cover a lot of ground without sacrificing performance. I can tell I won't miss any targets shallow or deep with this coil. The first silver coin I found with the Thunder was a 1892-O Barber Quarter. This coil is stable at max sensitivity in most situations.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Western PA. on 2/1/2018
5 Stars
Above a 5⭐️ !!!
More about your customer service it's above a 5⭐️ !!! I've referred to many now. About the Nel Thunder, 1 gold ring on 1st Hunt. 2 hunts later a silver ring then a merc & 3 wheats outta an over hunted Park. Thank you, Fred Johnson
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Michigan. on 4/5/2017
5 Stars
Amazing Coil! A Must have for The At Pro!
Thank you Nel for making a new and improved Bigger coil for the AT Pro! I've been swinging the Storm coil for a couple years now and when I saw this I knew i had to have it. Came in 2 days to my house and I took it out immediately into the field. It is 1.5 inches longer but 3.5 narrower than the Storm and weighs 6 ounces less. mine weighed with wire and coil cover 19.3 ounces. Thats almost stock coil weight and you definitely can tell when you are swinging it. Feels great on the shoulder and what a treat to have extended depth and separation to boot! Performance wise so far it seems to have the same depth as the Storm coil but where you notice a huge difference is in the separation of targets. you are easily able to pinpoint with this coil and it hits like a champ on targets at crazy depths! I can easily get repeatable signals at 9 to 10 inches on coins here in NY with a GB at 89-91. You'll know it too. very distinct hit if its a coin. My iffy signals have gone down tremendously. It will sometimes call rusty nails and hot rocks as great targets but if you swing in 2 directions you'll be able to tell that its junk. I dig everything mostly anyways so Thats not an issue for me. Overall This feels like a stock coil with the Storm coil depth. I feel like this coil would be as comfortable on the field as it would be on the beach or the woods for that matter. Its just that nice! Incredible purchase and the guys at CMD were excellent to work with. I've purchased several big ticket items from them and they always arrive quick and in perfect shape!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from New York . on 3/15/2017
5 Stars
Relic Hunter
The Thunder Coil is everything I hoped it would be. Lightweight for the size, excellent target separation, precise pinpointing, very deep and the size allows you to cover a lot of ground. The target separation is so good I was able to find small pieces of brass in an area with lots of rusty square nails.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Virginia. on 1/27/2017
4 Stars
First off, the description about these coils going deep is accurate. They will go DEEP. I pulled a piece of metal the size a pencil eraser out at 8" and it was giving a solid repeatable signal. It was trash but showed me how deep it can go. I also pulled some sort of copper valve that was about 2"x 2" at nearly 11". I have a dime buried in my test bed at 8" and it gives as strong a signal as my stock coil does with one buried at about 3". Separation is pretty good for its size. you have to listen but you can pick out the high tones through the trash. Usually I will turn 90 degrees and swing over it again and the it will pick out the good target. I would not recommend it for very trashy areas though because it will drive you crazy. I mostly use it in areas where where I need to cover a large area or the grass is not mowed and I cant get my other coil right to the ground. Pinpointing takes some getting used to but with some practice its not difficult and is pretty accurate. Being as large as it is you can cover ground quickly but, you will need to swing it fairly slow. Now to the only downside, and the only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5, the weight. I'm 40 and in pretty good shape. I can only swing it for about an hour before I need a break. It gets heavy but I've noticed that if I slow my swing down it helps out quite a bit with fatigue. Overall, this is very good coil and worth the money but, like any tool it has its uses and is not meant for all situations such as highly trashy areas and you definitely need room to swing it. I would recommend it and would buy it again. Lastly, Colonial metal detectors was great and shipping was fast! I ordered it on a Friday afternoon and it was on my doorstep Monday afternoon.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from waco tx. on 12/26/2016

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