White's TDI SL - Holiday Bundle

White's TDI SL - Holiday Bundle

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  • TDI SL Self Serve Bundling:Up to $120 off on Accessories Added to the Purchase of a TDI SL


Holiday Bundle
TDI SL - $120 Self Serve Bundling - Info Below

This holiday bundle includes:

TDI SL, DigMaster Digging Tool
White's Ball Cap
Signature Backpack and 7.5" Dual Field Search Coil

To hunt all day, you need a lightweight detector that still provides high performance. The TDI SL Metal Detector has pulse induction power that provides unbeatable depth and sensitivity and is designed specifically for prospecting and identifying relics.

Special prospecting features make life easier, such full-control ground balance that filters out the iron mineralization of hot rocks, black sand, and other tough grounds.

This compact detector weighs only 3.5 pounds with its waterproof 12" Spider Search Coil, which offers deep detection depth. Other accessory coils are also available.

The rechargeable NIMH battery lasts up to 6 hours, and a backup AA battery back will power all-day exploration. 

Easy-to-Adjust Controls

  • Gain : Maximizes Sensitivity and Depth
  • Target Conductivity Switch : Minimizes Electrical Interference
  • Threshold : Adjusts the Audio to Hear Smaller, Deeper Signals
  • Frequency Control : Adjusts for Hunting Near Power Lines, Microwave or Other Environmental Interference
  • Precision Ground Balance : Gets Rid of the Iron Mineralization of Hot Rocks, Black Sand, and Other Tough Grounds
  • Pulse Delay : Varies the Length of the Signal for Hunting Gold Nuggets or Relic, Coin and Beach Hunting (10us - 25us)
  • Battery LED Light Indicator


Add the accessories, that you really want, to the
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