XP Deus with 9" X35 Coil + LCD Remote + FX-02 Backphone

XP Deus with 9" X35 Coil + LCD Remote + FX-02 Backphone

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Part Number:DE-XP-D-22x35RC
  • Software Version:5
  • Search Coil:9" X35 - 35 Frequency Waterproof DD Search Coil

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XP DEUS Silicone Protection for Remote Control [+$19.00]
XP Deus Car Charger [+$22.00]
XP DEUS Emergency Charger [+$22.00]
XP DEUS Carry Bag [+$45.00]

The First Completely Wireless Metal Detector 

Now with the X35 Searchcoil
35 Frequency Waterproof DD 

At 2 pounds, the XP DEUS (pronounced day-uhs) offers exceptional comfort, speed and performance. The XP DEUS is the result of years of research and development by the XP engineering team. This detector sets new benchmarks in metal detection design and performance.

This XP Deus includes:
•LCD Remote Display
• FX-02 Wired Backphone Heaphones
• 9" X35 Waterproof Coil with Telescopic Pole

FAST: With its Extremely fast recovery speed you'll find Good targets next to trash
POWERFUL: With just one click you can Change Frequency, Power or Recovery
Complete Control: Adjust settings with either headphones OR remote
Always Current: Connect to your PC and receive the latest software updates

XP DEUS Includes the Following Items:
  • Fully Telescopic S Handle Stem
  • Wireless Headphones (optional)
  • Headphone Storage Case
  • 9" DD X35 Waterproof Wireless Search Coil
  • Search Coil Cover
  • Wireless Remote Control Display Screen (Included)
  • Hip mount case for Wireless Remote Control Display Screen
  • USB Connection Cable With One Mini-B Plug
  • USB Connection Cable With Three Mini-B Plugs
  • 110 Volt Charger
  • Connection Clamp For Recharging The Coil
  • Complete Coil Hardware & Spare Parts (2 Screws, 2 Wing Nuts, 1 Washer, 1 Spacing Washer)
  • Detailed Owners Manual
  • 5 Year Parts and Labor Warranty
  • All warranty service is completed in the USA

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